What is personal selling? features, type, and example

Sales is always a challenging task because there is some specification like good communication skill required in a salesperson. Personal selling is an old technique to sell products, make new customers, Build your product a brand and provide support to old customers.

What is Personal selling?

What is personal selling a
What is personal selling

Personal selling is a personalized seals technique known as the person to person because, in personal selling, a salesman personly meets with prospective customers and tries to convince the customer to buy a product.

 It is a promotional method in which the salesman uses their skills and abilities to make a sale. A salesperson uses specific skills which make a successful sales attempt are given below.

Person to person communication skill:- As we told you that personal selling is also known as person to person selling. Personal selling involves direct contact and communication with a potential customer. In personal selling, if you do not have good communication skills, you cannot understand the customers’ requirements and present your product to them. A good communication skill is the essential requirement of personal selling.

Listening Skills: – In personal selling, you also need good listening skills. If you listen to your potential customer well, you get some points to get the customer to contract to buy your product. It also helps you explain your product in a better way as you understand your customer’s requirements.

Response to what the customer is saying:- in personal selling, A salesperson should not stand silent instead of responding to what the customer is saying.

Establish trust with the customer: Build a trusting relationship with the customer during the conversation. If customers trust you, they will trust your product.

Interaction ability:- A good salesperson always required excellent attraction skills to attract your potential customer towards the product. To attract your customer towards your product, you should know your customer’s requirements and explain why they need this product. 

Time management:-As I told you earlier, personal selling involves face-to-face meetings between the salesperson and the potential customer. These meetings take a lot of time and effort. A good salesperson must know about time management. They should know how to persuade a customer as quickly as possible.

¬†Demonstrate subject matter expertise:-A good salesperson should be expertise about the product that he is selling. If a customer asks you something about the product, you can explain it as best you know it. And if you explain it well, then the customer’s trust in you and your product will increase.

What is personal selling a
What is personal selling

Objective Of Personal Selling

here are some primary goals of personal selling

Build brand and product awareness:-with the help of personal selling methods, companies promote their product, build a brand, and spread awareness about the product.

Stimulating the offering’s demand:-The other primary purposes of personal selling is to create more product sales.

Reinforcing the brand:-Reinforcing the brand by building good and long-term relationships with the customers. provide them better support after buying the product

To search out and obtain new customers:- The objective of personal selling is to search for potential customers for your product.

Increase sales:- Increase the sale of products.

What is personal selling a
What is personal selling

Features Of Personal Selling

Here are some features that are included in the unique sales method.

Personal contact: – Personal sales include face-to-face meetings. You will need to contact individual customers individually and tell them about your product so that they agree to buy your product.

The flow of information: – Two-way flow of information is included in personal sales. You talk to your customer, and you take some information about the customer’s needs, and then you provide some information about your product and explain how this product will help him.

Quick communication: – Personal communication involves prompt communication because it consists of a person in person’s meetings. If a customer raises any questions about a product, you can answer them soon.

Flexibility:- personal selling also involves flexibility. A salesperson reaches out to several customers. They need to communicate with different customers. That’s why flexibility is also required in personal selling.

Satisfaction:- personal selling involves pleasure. the salesperson should know the customer’s requirements then offer the product in a way that provides satisfaction.¬†

What is personal selling a
What is personal selling

Types of personal selling

 there are mainly three types of personal selling

Order Takers:- Order Takers odder takers are salespeople who receive requests And queries from the customers. In simple words, The Customer Approaches these Salespersons. generally, they hold positions like Retail Sales Assistant or Telemarketer .and their main focus is to determine customer needs and fulfills them

Order Getters: Orders getters are salespeople who reach out to new customers and convince them to buy the product. They do the field works and bring new customers for products.

Order Creators:- Orders creators are those salespeople who don’t sell the product but convince the customers to promote the business by offering their product to others which leads to sales eventually.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Personal selling

What is personal selling a
What is personal selling


As you know, personal selling involves face-to-face communication, which helps to spread more information about the product.

It helps to make better relation with the customer.

It makes more impact on customers as compare to other methods like advertisement on social media platforms.

It involver easy and quick to way communication as compared to other promotional methods.


It’s expensive as compared to other promotional methods because it involves a person-to-person meeting. A human can approach only a few customers in a specified period.

It takes a lot of effort from the salesperson’s side.

What is personal selling a
What is personal selling

Personal Selling Examples

Personal selling is a traditional sales technique used in different businesses. The sales history started with sales where salesperson conducted person-to-person interactions with customers, inquiring about their needs and wants and suggesting their business’s offering to the customers.

Example of personal selling

Showrooms: For example, If you visit a Showroom of any vehicle, you will find a salesperson who communicates with you and explains his company’s product, and try to fulfill your requirements.

Door-to-door sells:-For example, a Paytm  Salesperson  reaches executive people and fulfills their KYC. The seller of any telecom company reaches the people and tells about the plans of its company and try to make a new customer for his company .

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