What is a Marketer? Characteristics, responsibilities & job profile

To understand the term “marketer,” you should know, “What is marketing.” Marketing is a process in which companies promote their goods and services to sell them to their targeted buyer, and a person who actively participates in this process is known as a Marketer.

What is a Marketer?

A marketer is a person who is responsible for creating an environment and chain to sell the product or services which his company offers. Creating an environment or chain means attracting the targeted buyer towards your company product and maintaining Stock and supply of products in the market. Marketer plays a vital role to invite a massive profit for the company.

Characteristics of a Successful Marketer

What is a Marketer
What is a Marketer

Marketers actively participate in sell the product and services. But to become a successful marketer, you need some essential characteristics, which are given below.

Sales Ability

Sales ability is an essential character for a Marketer. If you want to become a successful marketer, you should know “How to sell a product or service,” and it does not matter what the product is and the situation. To sell any product and service to a potential customer, you should understand their requirements.


A Marketer must have been curious. If you have a curious mindset, you will always try to find out some information about the market, potential customers, the latest trends, and products.

For example, imagine you are trying to sell a product to a potential buyer. You went to him and told him about the specifications of his creation, and he agreed to buy it. If you are curious, some questions will arise in your mind, like what does he like in your product? what does he need? , And why did he agree to buy your product? If you find an answer to these questions, you can make a better decision in your next attempt to sell the product to another potential buyer.

Communication Skills

What is a Marketer
What is a Marketer

To become a good marketer, you should perfect in communication skills. Without it, you will be unable to understand your potential customer requirements, and you will not explain your product. Understanding customers’ requirements and explaining to them about your product are the foundation of selling a product, and you can not do that without excellent communication skills.

Analytical Skills

Marketing doesn’t just mean selling a product and service to a potential buyer. In selling a product, there are also other activities like its production, demand, Suppliers, retails, distribution, and promotion. A marketer must have analytical skills that help analyze these activities logically.


A successful marketer must be creative so that he can differentiate his products and services from competitors. You will use different techniques to stand out from the other products in your category. Creativity helps you present your product or services with their unique characters.

This Year, the famous luxury car brand Mercedes released an innovative commercial for their product “Mercedes Benz,” in which they placed a cow in front of the headlights of Mercedes Benz, and the skeleton of the cow was visible. Here they successfully innovatively promoted their product and sent people why their product was different from others.

What is a Marketer
What is a Marketer


The marketing department plays a significant role for a company because they present its product in the market. If they cannot show the product right, it is not suitable for the company. A marketer must be innovative. It helps in the presentation and promotion of your product.

Know about Human Psychology

As a marketer, if you can understand human psychology, you will understand the customer’s mindset about your product. It helps to understand you that what your potential customer want. You will get some points to convince them to buy your product.

Difference between Marketer and Marketeer

A marketer is a person who is responsible for performing various marketing activities like promotion, advertising, and supplies of a product.

A marketer is a person who deals with the potential customer of a product or service and convincing them to buy it.

Some fundamental differences between marketer and marketeer are given below, in terms of role creativity and focus.


What is a Marketer
What is a Marketer

The marketers play an essential role in developing some new products and services in a company, and also they help create some new marketing strategies.

A marketeer plays a vital role in establishing relations with customers. Marketeer does not own any customers. They bring customers for the company’s products and services.


A marketer always deals with customer data and figures, which needs less creativity. but needs analytical skills

Marketeer is more creative than marketer because they directly communicate with customers to convince them to buy their products and services.


Marketers always deal with customer data, and figures and their main focus is to achieve results.

Marketeer directly deals with customers, and then their focus is to answer the customer’s questions about the product.

Roles and Job Description of a Marketer

What is a Marketer
What is a Marketer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), The role of a marketer in a company is to create and manage the company’s advertisement campaign, develop new marketing strategies, the study targeted customers and market trends, and decide targets and pricing for the various product to achieve goals. The role of a marketer is varied from company to company because every company offers different products and services.

Responsibilities Of A Marketer

A marketer is responsible for these activities, which are given below.

Market research

In this process, a marketer collects different customers’ data by research the market. Market research helps collect data about price, demand, and supply of products, and current market trends.

Build a strategies

After collecting the data from market research, the marketer analyzes the data and makes a better strategy to make the maximum profit to the company.


In the modern world, advertisement plays a vital role in marketing. The marketer is responsible for creating an attractive advertising campaign of the company’s product and services that attract the audience. Advertisement plays a crucial role in improving awareness about a company’s products and services. 

Impression Management (Goffman)
Impression Management (Goffman)

Local marketing

Local marketing is a process that involves different promotional activities. This process involves meeting with potential customers and convincing them to buy the company’s product and services.

Responsible for sales

Every activity like promotion, advertisement, and market research done by a marketer has the same motive ” to sell the company’s product.” A marketer is always responsible for sales.

Public relations

public relations involves communication between the company and customers. Here marketer helps to build a relationship between the company and customers.

What Does a Marketer do in Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, marketers play different activities, which are given below.

What is personal selling a
What is personal selling

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a more challenging task to do because, in content marketing, you need to convince your customer throughout your content. You make better content which helps to generate traffic for your website.

Search engine optimization(SEO)

Search engine optimization is a technique that helps to improve your website ranking. A marketer finds a keyword (which have a lot of traffic)for his topic on different keyword finder tool like Google adword Wharf. Then make content like an artical or video on that keyword.

Video Marketing

In video marketing, a marketer make a video about their product and service and upload them on their social media (youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) accounts or on their website, targeted customer easily understand from videos as compared to an artical because peoples like watching videos instead of reading an artical.

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