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School Management Software

Best School Management Software Development

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Total Amount – 15,000 With 18% GST

  • Online Gateway Extra Charge
  • Indian Payment Gateway/ CC Avenue/Paytm
  • Indian SMS Gateway /Text Local / SMS Country
  • School General Settings Fields.
  • Global Setting Fields.
  • Academic Year Start and End Month
  • System Use Activity logs
  • Routine Report Print Options
  • Discount Options
  • Student, Employee, Teacher, Guardian Detail 
  • All Details View are showing on the popup
  • Bulk student Admission/ input
  • Dashboard some Statistics modification
  • Profile update field rearranges
  • Guardian relation with student field move in Student Admission form
  • Fee Type with Class wise fee amount setting
  • Rearrangement of Exam Mark 
  • Mark Sheet rearrange of Exams
  • Exam Result rearrange
  • Final Exam Result process
  • Transport Member add based on Route Bus Stop Location
  • Student Mark Sheet Print
  • Print Student Result Card 
  • Promotion to Next Class Rearrangement
  • Single Invoice with instant paid by cash/ check
  • Multi/ Bulk /Mass invoice with instant paid by cash/ check
  • User Permission rearrange
  • Database fields optimization and indexing
  • Student Performance/ Activity
  • Final result typesetting based on All Exam Result 
  • SMS / Email Template
  • SMS / Email for Student Absence
  • Due fee Email / SMS
  • Student Result SMS / Email
  • Student Admission Form with Previous School Information
  • Payment gateway logo add in the Payment setting
  • SMS gateway logo add in the SMS setting
  • Backend some CSS modification
  • User Login with alpha character instead of email
  • Guardian detail view popup with Student list, Invoice list tab
  • Teacher/ Employee detail view with social information
  • Attractive front end
  • Global setting under administrator for all school
  • Guardian feedback under guardian profile
  • All Alert message using attractive popup 
  • Manage super admin for all School
  • Previous version all minor bug fixing
  • Autocomplete off in HTML form
  • Table Grid list data fully responsive
  • Daily Transaction / Statement Report
  • Student Activity / Balance Report
  • Due Fee Reports
  • Fee Collection Report
  • Student Result Report
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